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Definition Caker Food Industries

Caker of the major food producing industries and factories is known for the high quality of all products characteristic of the dominant and popular.

Caker began its work in 1998 under the leadership of an integrated team realized the opportunities for the possibility of processing and manufacturing of food products from the conversion of traditional methods to a boom in modern factories equipped with the latest artistic techniques and advanced facilities and development and has been harnessed consumer service became witnessing a remarkable expansion in production and manufacturing processes

The headquarters of the plant in Damietta new stretch Caker factories and distribution channels set to cover parts of Egypt and the Middle East, where leading Caker effectively remarkable cake and chocolate manufacturing and the production of biscuits, wafers, confectionery sectors, Snacks and Qamardeen and this is reflected in the current ability to provide high quality products to many Arab and European countries

Caker continues its investments growing and diverse province on principles to devote attention to quality first and keeping pace with the technical development in production facilities and in attracting the best cadres of the firm belief that the human resource element is one of the most important elements necessary to achieve its goals.

Caker managed that occupies a great center of local markets and the Middle East markets, adding that the Caker has a number of factories:factory in New Damietta and Fayoum factory in Sixth of October City.

To seize the opportunity available in the market has been expanded Caker  products to achieve the objectives of geographical expansion in Egypt was able to capture the Caker outlets in Cairo - Bab Al Bahr , Tanta , Alexandria , Ismailia , Assiut, Sohag, Minya and Beni Suef.

Opening the advantages of the company in the center of the country and is one of the pillars supporting the group Caker  companies operating in the field of general trade, import and export and so meet the growing demand for these products.

Achieving growth and development in manufacturing, marketing and distribution of the products group through sophisticated channels and equipped with all the modern means which are managed extensive experience and all that towards the provision of high quality consumer products prompt.

It was included a group of companies (Honeywell) to become part of a group Caker  companies for Food Industries.

Our Vision

To be a leadership position in the production, processing and marketing of food industries in the Middle East.

Our Message

Meet the needs of the Middle East from Cakes, biscuits ,wafers ,chocolate, ,and snacks high quality and keep pace with market requirements and exceed consumer expectations through optimum employment of human capabilities and investing financial resources, high-tech check food processing goals and convenient values and traditions of society and the preservation of the environment.


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